PCB design

Published: 11/9/2011


PCB design is Dynamic-Precision core competence we provide clients, with both Cadence tool and NOTEfied database, as common design software and structure platform.
On the basis of client HW schematic design and mechanical input (3D) we provide all kind of PCB design, working close together with the client designers. Common design software and common database structure platform provides the best results in the design process.



  • PCB design & product realization are focus area at DP (competence, tool and manpower) 
  • Client & DP work in same design tool (Cadence) environment to gain win-win synergy for the client and the product.
  • All PCB designers at DP use same tool, same IPC footprint and same design structure which give flexibility for client and the product.
  • Cadence tool we use, Allegro (PCB design), Capture CIS (Schematics)
  • PCB designers at DP Norway, DP Sweden (electronic and physical close to clients) and DP Gdansk (electronic close to clients)
  • PCB designers in DP Norway & DP Sweden, long time experience with demanding clients.
  • IPC footprint for all design used component in NOTEfied



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