Component Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Published: 10/24/2012



Dynamic Precision provides a wide range of solutions enabling the customers to follow the components market and supporting R&D departments in products development process. The solutions we offer include:

Components handling: NOTEfied database is an extensive source of technical and commercial information about electronic components. The data contained in NOTEfied database may be directly transferred into CAD system (Cadence) and used in several phases of an electronic products design.





BOM management: This service is available in two forms. The first option is that the customer sends BOM in a chosen format (e.g. excel), Dynamic-Precision completes all the necessary attributes (such as MPN, life cycle status, lead time, URL to datasheet, price etc.) and receives it back in the same format.

The other possibility is to import BOM (bill of materials) into NOTEfied with all expected parameters. In this case the customer gains an access to regularly updated attributes for components present in the BOM. On the basis of updated information on used components, the product owner is able to implement all necessary changes in the product, to meet the challenge of the component supplier market.

Dynamic-Precision offers complex cleaning and re-structure of client existing databases containing MPN information. Dynamic-Precision clean components attributes, and import this data into NOTEfied.  In this way a customer gains an opportunity to apply the components in current or future designs with a guarantee that all information about components is constantly updated.




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