Quality process

Published: 9/17/2012
Dynamic-Precision creates its competitiveness by supplying the right quality in the right time for the right price.

All the processes are documented in the set of company procedures, which are available for client user’s overview.

To provide the highest level of security we use secure encrypted sockets and our connections are delivered under SSL certificate.

The electrical symbols comply with IEC standards and physical symbols (footprint) fulfil IPC7251A/B standards.

Dynamic Precision creates and works according to quality routines concerning DFA/DFM (Design for Assembly/ Design for Manufacturability) and component structure processes, for best possible result.
In our design process we use the most common and skilled software as
- Cadence for Schematic design (Capture CIS), PCB design (Allegro) and AMS simulator (PSpice).
- IPC Calculator to calculate pads (footprint),
- AutoCAD and Inventor for 3D mechanical design (footprint and products)
- Gerbtool and Doctar as supportive SW.

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