Published: 10/24/2012

notefiedNOTEfied database: NOTEfied is a unique component structured database that collects both technical and commercial information. We upload commercial information directly from the suppliers and the technical information is created and controlled internally. The data is presented in a practical and clear way in a customer-friendly search system. The database is managed and continually updated by Dynamic-Precision NOTEfied team.


How it works: Since NOTEfied database is connected to the customer CAD system (Cadence), a HW designer himself is able to search among the NOTEfied components and find the best suited one for his electronic design. The database contains more than 75000 components and it is constantly increasing. If a desired component is not currently in the database, it can be WEB requested and received in 48h.

The most significant component attributes included in NOTEfied database are as follows:

  • NOTEfied component number
  • Internal client part number system if required
  • Manufacturer name
  • Manufacturer Part Number (MPN)
  • URL to datasheet
  • RoHS compliance status
  • Lifecycle status
  • Lead time
  • Symbols for Cadence Capture CIS
  • IPC footprint for Allegro

What is your benefit: Using NOTEfied shortens and simplifies the product development process, helping to reach your project plans and helping to gain advantage on your market. Using NOTEfied you get following benef?                                                    

  • Cost reduction – the engineers within the company are engaged in business core processes and they are remunerated only for these activities. All additional operations are outsourced to Dynamic Precision according to current needs at lower rates.
  • Operational efficiency – in seasons with lower market demand the costs are minimalized as the services are outsourced.
  • Flexibility – We are highly cooperative with our NOTEfied database to adapt to individual customers requests and the solutions and services can be agreed to be customised.
  • Time reduction – single project processes can be conducted in parallell and several projects are possible to proceed simultaneously when a custom cooperation is agreed.



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