IPC-7351 Allegro footprint

Published: 10/23/2012

Dynamic Precision follows IPC-7351 standard for design of our Allegro footprints and store them in NOTEfied in tree (3) pad classifications for each physical footprint we make.  

IPC-7351 classifications
L    (least)    – footprints for handheld and heavy density applications
N   (normal)  – footprints for industrial applications

M  (most)     – footprints for vibrated / military applications



Dynamic Precision, IPC Footprint process
Mechanical 3D design of component body in Autodesk.
- Import mechanical component body drawing to Allegro footprint.
- Pad design from IPC-7351 calculator, (3) pad classifications.
- Merge mechanical and pad classifications.
- Check, test and approval before release of footprint in NOTEfied
- 2D models is DXF, stored in NOTEfied
- 3D models in STEP, stored in NOTEfied




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